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  • FORT LAUDER: 954-564-4434
  • HOLLYWOOD: 954-922-4434
  • PALM BEACH: 561-471-2777
  • BOCA RATON: 561-891-2232
  • JUPITER: 561-994-4434
  • CORAL GABLES: 305-466-4434
  • PORT ST LUCIE: 772-692-0469



  • As System Integration Specialist,we know how to stream each component together to optimize your enjoyment. Our Technicians and Support Staff are experienced and dedicated professionals in the Industry of Home Automation Technology. They are consistently committed to researching and training in the applications and integration of the latest home entertainment and automation
A & D
  • Components and consumer electronic products.Their ongoing training and commitment to excellence guarantees that they will employ that knowledge when helping youthrough the process of designing your home entertainment system.
  • Our Knowledge Is Your Key to Satisfaction (Motto)


  • We appreciate the philosophy of beauty when it comes to design and integration that is why our professionals have partnered with many of the countries premier builders, contractors and designers. Working together on projects that range from Condominiums across from the beach to Modest Homes and to Mansions on an Island as well as from Warehouses and Restaurants to Commercial Businesses. These partnerships cultivate a deeper understanding of the people we work for thus allowing us to perform our jobs with mastery.
  • Our Team of Professionals know esthetics and as a result they know how to design system functionality without compromising your style or elegance.